Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Time.

Tax return... sweet, sweet, sweet tax return.

I've placed the order for my new PC with Newegg. Everything's going smoothly until...


Turns out my bank will automatically deny large suspicious online charges, like buying a new PC from Newegg. So now I have to call Newegg at 11am EST and have them do a 3-way call with the bank to manually authorize the purchase.

Sigh... will update soon with final verification that the damned thing is done with.

UPDATE: So it turned out not to be an issue on the US Bank side of things. They had it unblocked the whole time yet for some reason it was returning denials to Newegg. Got the authorization code from US Bank, called Newegg again and had them try one more time with the authorization code...


New PC, barring any stocking issues, should ship out of the warehouse today and on its way to my humble abode... where it shall be built and played with forever more.


ADDITIONAL ASIDE: Newegg's customer service? Great. Speed? Great. But they charged my account twice because of the authorization code doohickey being needed to force the purchase through and apparently "that's just how these things work".

Luckily, my bank says they'll simply remove any overdraft fees that might occur during the few days it'll take Newegg to refund my money, or I'd be one majorly pissed Bildo right now. Instead, I'm just slightly pissed at what hassle today has been.

This system better rock hard.


Thallian said...

Get a new bank, none of mine do that unless I'm in a foreign country and haven't told them I'd be there, which I always do. Btw grats on the comp, my bro just got a new one for me for my b-day and directx10 on lotro looks spectacular. I'm sure age of conan will look great for u too. :)

Thallian said...

p.s. Fidelity now has a checking account called a smart account where you can treat it like a checking account AND you get 3% interested each year. Some other financial institutions offer a similar deal.

Oakstout said...

I have the same problem with B Of A whenever I need to buy stuff from Newegg. I just have to call them ahead of time to let them know I'm making the purchase and get them to approve it. It is a hassle, but if my bank card ever gets stolen, I don't want some yahoo buying up copies of the Activision Game E.T as gifts to 3rd world countries.

Anonymous said...

When I bought my last PC online, they advised me to call the credit card company to clear the purchase. It seems that internet purchases over a certain dollar amount set off the fraud sensor, which is probably a good indication that there is a good deal of such fraud.

Go, go, new CPU Fun!

Thallian said...

good point oakstout. I would say though that you should be able to cancel a credit card fairly quickly once it is stolen and in several states you are protected for up to a certain amount and its usually higher than your credit limit, as long as you notify authorities ASAP

Anonymous said...

Odd, I had no issues when I got my Alienware using my CC. I do recall having a similar issue with ABS over a year ago with that comp though.

Hope the new system rocks!