Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lost in Hyboria - Ten Ton Hammer's Very Own AoC Comic!

The first issue of my new breeding ground for cartoon awesomeness is up over at Ten Ton Hammer's Age of Conan site. It's more of a teaser this week, but don't let the name fool you... the thing took a lot of work. Probably more than a normal strip would.

Check it out at the link below and be sure to let me know what you think on the forums there, or here in the comments! New episodes every week on Wednesday is the goal.

Lost In Hyboria - Teaser Issue

Discussion on the "teaser" - LINK



Hudson said...

Looks great!

Keen said...

TTH is running so so so slow for me lately. No idea why.

Bildo said...

It's not just you, sadly Keen.

We've recently seen an influx of traffic that has our load bogged down, specifically when we post a new news article or feature... which is pretty danged often.

It's better than it was yesterday, but Tech's still working on it.

Keen said...

I finally got it to load lastnight. Looks great! If I don't see a cameo from a very rabid Lurikeen I'll be disappointed. ;)