Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Boredom and Whatnot

Not a very exciting weekend for yours truly. I tried as hard as I could to get back into LotRO, but I'm just not feeling it. I don't want to do the starting all over thing there, as I know I'll be leaving the game in a month or two. Yet, I desperately want to play an MMO lately... I just can't figure out which one. I've even been thinking about SWG *shudder*. I think what will end up happening is a venture back to CoH/V or Tabula Rasa.

CoH has a much sped up leveling rate going in from what I understand, making "The Grind" less tedious. A wise move for a game that wants to hold onto its current base of players who have done the same content for 3+ years, and at the same time attract new players to the IP. And TR is just plain fun, and not as serious as your average MMO, making it easy to hop in and play for a month or two at a time and not feel pressured to accomplish anything. I need that style of play while I wait for Conan and WAR to launch this summer. I don't need something that's going to require I invest a year or more to feel accomplished.

One thing of note this weekend is that I got to play an unnamed game for a bit. I can't tell you which. I can't even really say anything about how it played. But I will say that it surprised me. A lot. How did it surprise me? Well, I'll tell you how when I'm able. It likely won't be too long before I can say more about it.

More later... if something worth rambling about pops up.


digush of arkenstone said...

play silk road

Thallian said...

IMHO you should never have to force yourself to play a game, they should be so fun to play you are drawn to them.

Bildo said...

Definitely, Thallian. But I still have this urge for an MMO, so I'm not sure what to do.

I'm going to give Sins of a Solar Empire a try for a bit, but I've never been huge on the strategy games. The Sim games and Civilization are usually as far as I go.

I could pick up Pirates, but I don't want to spend 50 bucks on it when I know I'll be out of whenever I start work with the Conan site... so I'd rather find one I have that seems appealing enough.

Maybe TR, maybe not. Maybe EQ2? Who knows... I'm confuzzled.

Thallian said...

Good luck, maybe try looking around at some of the more obscure/Free2play ones? There could be a diamond in the rough for you there, though most are pretty grindy. P.S. I like that word "confuzzled"