Friday, February 8, 2008

Rebelution Studios and WAR Beta Ramping Up

Just two little quick notes for this morning.

Last night I purchased some web hosting and put up an "Under Construction" page for my forthcoming Web Design home page Rebelution Studios. That page is not really indicative of final design as there's still a lot of work for me to do, but it's much nicer than a default or plain placeholder. I'll be making an announcement for sure when the full site is up and running.

I do redesign blogs, FYI. :)

Also, it seems the Warhammer beta invites are flowing like water now. A little later than expected for the swell of new people, but it's a good sign that the game's on track again for it's Q2 release. My only question is... when will us "press" bloggers get in? Poor Keen is about to /wrists over the wait.

That's it for now. Just wanted to share my baby-step towards my design business being a reality, and the notion that Warhammer invites are going out by the bunch. I'd check your e-mail accounts and the beta center if you haven't already.


Keen said...

I'm having dreams about playing the game, dreams about being in the game, and dreams where I know I'm dreaming about playing so I use the dreaming to help me win in RvR. I'm a dream cheater!!

*struggles to free himself from his little white room*

brenda said...

He's a dream cheater
Ar Vee Arver, yeah
It took him so long to wake up
But he woke up