Thursday, February 7, 2008

LotRO: Jobildo the Burglar Is Born and Other Stuff

I did start LotRO last night, finally. Made a human burglar (I can't stand looking at the hobbits in LotRO) and began my ascent through the levels again. I stopped at 2. I just wasn't in the mood last night to power through the beginning Archet area again. Have to save that for the weekend.

I'm not really sure how long I'll last in this attempt, as I already feel the tedium of leveling up again. I don't want to restart my account, but it would be easier to get back into the game considering I have several characters in their teens and one in his late 30s.

I think I'll stick with my father in law's lifetime account for as long as I can, and if I get bored before I find any betas to be a part of, I'll head back to Tabula Rasa even though it'll cost me a sub that I was trying to avoid for the time being. I was hoping to avoid paying a subscription until Conan came out in May... but I'm not sure my feeble will can last that long.

I ended up last night going to the store for some necessities and of course The Godfather for the Xbox at Gamestop. For 15 bucks it was hard to beat, and I was dying to be rid of Saints Row so I traded it in. The game's tone and setting really wore on me. I'm much more of a Capo than a Thug.

I've already played Godfather on the Wii for about 10-15 hours, and the two versions are essentially the same. But for whatever reason I got rid of the Wii version and have lately been finding myself aching for some La Cosa Nostra action. Until Mafia 2 comes out later this year, the Godfather is the closest I'll get. And besides... it's got to be one of the best films I've ever seen, and playing through it on an alternate story path is pretty damn fun even if its a bit hokey. At least its humor is actually humorous as opposed to Saints Row, and the gunplay and action in general are far superior. It's even got a little bit of an RPG blended in for good measure.

Now here's the kicker, for all the Trash Talking(tm) I've done about Saints Row, I'm still watching the development of the sequel due out this year. The devs have stated the tone's going to be much more serious, and that the combat is being fine-tuned. It'll probably still pale in comparison to GTA IV which is also coming out this year, but I'm anxious to see how SR2 improves on the hard-to-overlook shoddy aspects I found in the original. I won't be buying it on release, but Gamefly will come in handy.

That's it for now, sorry for the broad range of this ramble. More later if I become either a.) bored or b.) inspired.


Oakstout said...

I've not played Saints Row. Just cause looked good, but I've not had a chance to look that one up either, I know the PC version got a pretty decent review.

I'm really tempted to pick up Devil May Cry 4, but the pricing is pretty steep for new games, which I, like you, tend to pick up the used stuff. lol

I tried LOTRO a year ago, and understand what you mean about the grind. I was using a friends guest account, so I didn't have a manual or any helpful tips, but I found the outdoor areas to be nice, but I didn't much like running around to find things in the towns. WoW doens't have the best city layouts, but they seemed easier by far than anything in Lotro.

I'm actually jonzing for another MMo to try on the side. I'm Torn between trying Eq2 for a third time, or Lotro. lol COH just didn't do it for me. Course, Marvel, WAr and AOC are due out this year sometime.

Bildo said...

Just Cause is... not a just cause for spending money. Rent it, at best. Lots of wonky control issues, based on a solid premise = a game with more potential than actual worth.

The Godfather was much more worth money spent. It was good on the Wii, and it's just as good on the Xbox. Plus the whole Mafia aspect as opposed to West Coast Gangsta is just much more my style.

I'm dying for an MMO to really sink my teeth into... but nothing out there really grabs me. Just like last winter, I'm left waiting for the games of this year to come out. Let's hope they keep my attention more than what came out this year.

Oakstout said...

The only thing thats keeping me going right now is WoW and thats only because I'm getting to see some decent raid content finally, after 3 years of playing.

Course, you don't have to sell me on the whole Mafia vs. WC Gangsta thing, I'm Italian. Godfather 1 and 2 are some of the best movies of all times, aside from Kelly's heroes, which by the way, would make an awesome game.