Monday, February 4, 2008

Once More Into Frustration

Maybe it's because I like angering myself. Maybe it's because I want to give my wife time with the shiny new cable TV. Maybe it's because neither WAR or AoC have been gracious enough to send my beta invites. Maybe it's because I'm addicted to MMOs. Whatever the reason, I've decided to give LotRO another try.

I didn't want to spend my 15 bucks a month to do it though, as I don't want to risk wasting said cash. My father in law was gracious enough to let me use his lifetime LotRO account... that he never uses anyway. I hope it doesn't keep him up nights.

Anyway, it took almost all afternoon Sunday to patch up, and by the time it was ready I had lost interest and instead enjoyed watching the Giants tear down the hopes and dreams of perfection that New England was vainly clinging to. So the hobbitses will have to wait until sometime this week.

The downside of being on my FIL's account is that I'll have to start from scratch, but I suppose that could be a boon too. Fresh beginnings might be a better idea than ramming my head against the wall of no solo content in the high 30s. It's likely a temporary thing, or so I hope. I keep praying to Jeebus for an invite to either Conan or Warhammer... but so far that's been useless. Plus, when my wife took over the couch with HGTV's programming the other day I realized I needed more than my Xbox for gaming goodness.

So look for more on Middle-earth later this week.

Cheers, peoples.


brenda said...

Have you emailed the community manager for these games and asked for a beta invite so you could feature it in one of the most popular MMO-focused blogs on the Internet?

And plus, you're writing for TTH or someone about AoC now, right? You really should be asking the CM where your invite is...

Bildo said...

My official status with TTH doesn't begin until March now that the delay pushed release until May, so that's still a WIP.

As for e-mailing the CMs of those games... would that actually work? No harm in trying I suppose.

In the meantime, however, it'll be nice to check in on Frodo and Friends to see what's changed since I last played.

Thallian said...

Book 12 is coming out this month should add something to the pvp and char creation :)

Anonymous said...

*shrug*.. lot of ppl want to join warhammer beta and they dont get it too.. dont be too harsh on yourself, i think maybe thats a good sign that 'famous' ppl like tobold, brasse and you are havin hard time joining WH beta, maybe that mean there is no more room in beta because there is already soo many good people there..

MrBird said...

With that post title, I would say you're not exactly going back into it with an open mind! Anyway, I find soloing *much* less frustrating with the release of areas like Evendim and Tal Bruinen to take you through your 30's and 40's. I even got an incredible heavy armor set for my lvl 40 Guardian just by soloing quests in the Trollshaws!

I definitely look forward to your posts, and hopefully you're not pre-judging based on past experiences. You can debate whether or not it's any good, but you can't deny that Turbine has added a boatload of free content since launch.

Bildo said...

On the contrary, MrBird.

I actually loved LotRO, but found myself frustrated and bored at level 38 as a social solo-er with a quest log full of group quests.

I do look forward to seeing what's been added... but I have about 38 levels to redo with a new character on my father in law's lifetime account before I get there.

So yeah, I want to play, but I'm also not particularly excited about going from 1 to 38 again. I'm thinking maybe a Hobbit since I never really played one before. I was always a dwarf.

marnie said...


i got 3 character at level 35-39 now , hunter guard and champ.. lotro is fun so far and grouping is not a problem if you are willing to look for ppl. if you want ppl to join you group quest RIGHT NOW , you will get disappointed. be more patient bilbo

Bildo said...

I was actually very patient... but on Silverlode it was as though grouping was a sin.

I'll be trying out Landroval this time. :)

marnie said...

try brandywine. its better than landroval

im rolling 5 new alt in brandywine and already at lv12-15. will continue after book 12 where they change grp quest to solo (for sub lv20)

my 5 alt in landroval at lv 31-38 will be abandoned as soon as book 12 come out