Monday, February 4, 2008

No Beta For Joo!

At the suggestion of Tipa, I decided to e-mail James Nichols and inquire as to whether or not bloggers are considered eligible for the beta, or if we're considered press and therefore must wait until press-sites are allowed in before we too are given access.

Turns out, we're considered press and therefore no bloggers (that they keep an eye on) will be given entry to the beta until the NDA is lightened a bit and the press sites start getting in too.

So that answers that. No use hankering for some time in WAR for the next few months at least. But Conan's another story. I hope I get some time with that title before it launches in May, and something tells me I will.

Thanks to James Nichols, the CM of WAR, for being so swift to answer my question and so direct to boot. Keep up the good work out there, mate.


brenda said...

Aw... well, was worth a shot, right?

So, we're press? Awesome! How come I don't get community managers showing ME around the new games and expansions then :P

Of course, I never *asked*...

Bildo said...

I know, right? Does this mean I get a free press pass to the next SOE FanFaire or Blizzcon? I *am* press, you know?

Keen said...

I'll be putting in for press badges at all the expos now.