Thursday, December 13, 2007

Slow Week

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday to anyone who stopped by. It's a busy week at work and with school, and therefore a slow week in my gaming world (IE- my head). I've been playing TR, made it to 21, I've conquered some more instances, made a ton of cash on the Surplus, and am about ready to head to the planet Arieki (sp?) for my first adventures there. All in a couple of hours worth of play this week. Gotta love those casual-friendly games.

For now, I invite you to watch this 1st mini-episode of Sam's Home from the effed up mind of Jason Jordan. Super Deluxe is a great place to head for irreverent humor when you need it. Check it out... isn't Sam just adorable?

1 comment:

wldwlf said...

I like how the mom tosses her cookies at the end. That's classic material right there. LOL