Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Last (maybe) TR Post for the Day

It turns out as I was typing that TR Future Preview up, the patch was being put up on the live servers. The game's still down (okay with me, I'm stuck at work), but with it comes the long-awaited Auction House system, portable wormholes (think Town Portals in Diablo) weapon rarity re-workings, a host of class changes, and even some Holiday Cheer.

Check out the full patch notes if you care at RGTR.com. Now's the perfect time to try the game, now that an economy will be present. So get out there and look for a trial key, or head to Amazon to get the game for 20 bucks! You can even get the CE for 30! Or at least you could last week... meh, go check. Work won't allow me.

More thoughts on this patch tomorrow after I've had a chance to check out the changes.



Lishian said...

I started some toons on the pegasus server late last week. This game is just plain fun. I can't wait to get into the PVP action.

Pvthudson said...

heads up on the repair thing

With this morning's patch it appears that repair costs for items has been negatively affected by the change to item rarity. In short, repairing purple items can end up being prohibitively costly. Also, while new items have a item health of 100, items already in-game still have a lower health of 20, causing items to need to be repaired upon login.

We are diligently working to resolve these issues this morning and have a solution out as soon as possible.

Bildo said...

Yikes! Maybe I'll skip playing if that's not fixed by tonight, lol. I like my money. :)

Pvthudson said...

Bug fixed, players reimbursed. I dont like linking blog posts but I am too lazy to type the details out. Long day at work :(