Monday, December 3, 2007

UPDATED: PotBS NDA Gone - Tobold Opens the Floodgates

I was going to write a nice long, succinct review of this game... but now I feel that doing so would be unneccessary. Tobold's gone and written a review that pretty much covers all the bases, and I can't say I disagree with much on it. I'll still write an opinion-piece of my own, but for now lest you all go hungry head on over to Tobold's and read his extremely in-depth write-up.

This is a game to watch boys and girls, and one I'll be playing come launch... what more reason to pre-order do you need? Keep an eye out for my own thoughts later. Go read Tobold's thoughts for now. You heard me, go on, GET!


Edit: Darren pointed out that P0tsh0t also has his own thoughts up and they're equally awesome. Head there too!

Edit 2: Apparently the NDA is not officially gone just yet. But it was announced that it would be today, hence some folks jumping the gun. I'm cut off from the gaming world while at work, so you could have fooled me.

Edit 3: Woops, now it is. Commence Beta Reviews.

Edit 4: It looks like MeanKeenLurikeen (Keen to his fans) waited patiently for the official word. You read his Beta review right HERE.

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