Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Quick New Patch in TR Notes...

The Surplus (AH) rules.

The new damage changes to weapons, despite the bitching you'll see from people who think loot that isn't all the same is a bad thing, is awesome. My blue Polarity Gun rules now, and the bug with the repair cost being driven up is already fixed so I didn't experience that shocker.

The Christmas hat is pointless but cool, like all holiday stuff in these games.

The re-spec that came in the patch afforded me some points back from Leech Gun to pump Firearms and Polarity Gun up to 5 each... I rule. I miss decay though... going to have to maybe put a pump into that.

Portable wormholes (Town Portals a la Diablo) are awesome, only further cutting down travel time. Just make sure you're safe when you go to use one, and they don't work in instances to get you out and back to a base.

Oh, and did I mention the Surplus rules? FINALLY the game has an economy of sorts. Can't wait until more rare and special items are added. :)

More on all this tomorrow probably.



Lishian said...

How do you get the christmas hat?
What server are you on?

Bildo said...

There's a Christmas tree right near the portal at Foreas Base in the Divide, haven't check elsewhere. You right click it and it gives you a hat. :P

I play on Orion actually. It's usually low-medium population. Plenty of folks but not too crowded either.

Digital Hedonist said...

You know, I can't say enough positive things about the folks at DG, they are doing everything I hoped they would do to keep this game growing (both in game and out), and this patch is just more evidence of that.

Using the MS, in one night, I tripled my money and freed up all my bank space.

Dont forget about the rage change. Most people saw this coming as a nerf, but after playing with it last night, I'd call it a buff for the short casting time alone. I no longer have to worry about being shot while trying to get my rage up.

Pvthudson said...

Doh I forgot about the wormholes, they sound pretty cool