Monday, November 2, 2009

Borderlands First Impressions

I managed to snag Borderlands for the PC over the weekend, and I have to say I'm just as impressed as I thought I would be.  This hybrid of games is something I can't believe hasn't been done until now.  Like Genda over at ITG! states, it's got a certain something that makes it just plain ol' fun.

The things I noticed at first that I didn't like were that even with the hardcore aiming in place (as opposed to dice rolls determining if you hit an enemy or not) the accuracy of certain guns means you can still miss an enemy who's just standing there even if you're trained right on his torso.  But in my short time playing it, I got a much better gun and this little annoyance went away.  Also, enemies have that weird "twitch" when you hit them with a bullet which doesn't give the best feedback for shooting someone in the stomach.  It's not very believable, but then neither is hitting them with ten bullets before they fall down.  It's a videogame with a cartoon art style... I shouldn't be so picky.

But the world seems huge, the quests varied, and the gameplay and RPG elements are going to make for a very addictive game.  I'm gonna roll solo for now, but once I feel comfortable with the mechanics, look for me as JoBildo on Steam.


Jayedub said...

I like the game as well. But the realistic aiming does seem a bit out of place for this game. Still, it's a lot of fun, most of the time.

Bildo said...

I like that guns have accuracy ratings, but when comparing this to L4D, it seems like even when I'm perfectly trained on a guys head in snipe-mode, it'll miss because of that accuracy rating.

If this controlled like L4D and had the rest of the stuff the game has, I'd be in heaven.

Brendon said...

I am level 11 and the game is pretty good so far. I am using Mordecai and he is pretty good, just don't let things get too close to you. I really like the idea that you can get a sniper rifle that fires rockets, but I have yet to see a weapon like that.