Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Superman: Red Son

I'm not always playing a ton of games these days, but I am reading a lot of comics, and one I just picked up deserves a little write up and recommendation for your reading library. Superman: Red Son is penned by WANTED's very own Mark Millar and tells the story of an alternate universe where Superman's flying baby spaceship didn't land in the farm country of Smallville, but in the middle of the Ukraine under Stalin-controlled USSR.

Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and even Batman make some surprise appearances in this one. Jimmy Olsen is a CIA Agent, Lois is married to the world's smartest man (Luthor), and Eisenhower relies heavily on Lex's brain the whole series. I can't recommend it enough, basically. As a standalone novel, this is one I'd love to see made into a movie one day. I just doubt that will ever happen.


Brendon said...

Sounds really interesting. Might check it out. :)

Anonymous said...


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