Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sony "Awakens"?


"All in all, the world is much as it was yesterday. Sony is still trying to sell an extremely expensive games machine, with a limited number of blockbuster games, and a legacy of poor performance. But the Blu-ray factor has now been conjoined with an obvious understanding of all this community and UGC stuff that, as Harrison says, “will shape the decade ahead”. Doubtless the PS3 story still has some set-backs and disappointments ahead, but finally, we get the feeling the worst is over."

I really, hope for Sony's sake, that this is true. The full write up covers the key components of Phil Harrison's GDC presentation today, including some extremely promising software like HOME and LittleBigPlanet.

I'm a long time Nintendo fan, but I'm an equal-opportunity gamer, and have owned everything from an NES to a Dreamcast and a PSOne even a little ol' Gamecube, and most recently a Wii. Nintendo's got my heart when it comes to their IP and 1st party games, a strength that Sony's never had.

However with the announcement of HOME and LBP, I think Sony's going to be making a name for themselves all over again that could pull them away from all the bad press they've been getting with the PS3. Networking, user-created content, and the like are all the future of gaming, whether people want to believe that or not, and like Microsoft before them (Xbox Live), Sony's diving head 1st into that space with the PS3's forthcoming updates.

Now if only my Nintendo would get the hint...

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winter said...

I don't know about that. To me, it sounds like a crappy second life rip off with a whole lot of advertisements!

If they allow players to make anything, the time to cock is going to be even shorter than a picosecond.