Monday, March 12, 2007

New Condo, New Video Card

Sorry for not posting over the weekend, but I was a bit pre-occupied with moving into my wife and I's first home. We've gone from a tiny one bedroom apartment, to a 2 floor, 3 bedroom condo... I'm lost with what to do with all the space. But honestly, it was amazing to see how it filled up with all of our wedding gifts and the random junk we had piled up in our apartment. George Carlin was right, you buy a home not to live in, but so you'll have a place to put your stuff.

Also of news, I was able to convince the Missus to let me do one more upgrade to my PC (I recently bumped up to 2G of RAM). Went to ATI's site and used their trade-in feature to upgrade my dusty old Radeon 9800pro 128 to a spanking new Radeon x1650 512MB. :) Bildo's a happy camper. LotRO will be running on high just as soon as they ship the dang thing and get it in my greedy Irish mitts!

Anyone else do anything exciting this weekend? I was actually saddened to not be able to see Frank Miller's 300 on opening night, but I'm due to see it this Tuesday. If you caught it, was it good?

Oh, and one more thing... over on LotRO Vault I posted a news blurb about our upcoming Beta Event: a Naked/Drunk Race to Rivendell. If you're in the beta and want to get to know some of the Vault staff, come on out on Friday, the 16th at 9pm EST on the US Beta server Brandywine.

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