Friday, June 19, 2009

Coming back to Blogger...

Hey folks!

Not sure how many of you still check this site... ever. But I've closed down the hosted Wordpress blog, because I simply didn't see a reason to keep paying for something I used to seldomly. But I'm re-opening this place, and hopefully will have some news to churn out every now and again.

Life's still crazy-hectic, and I'm not even really playing all that much these days, but I am watching and wishing I had the time. And there's plenty of commentary in the ol' noggin left. So, if you catch wind of this blog post... thanks for not forgetting about my old blog.


Openedge1 said...

Guess who is FIRST...


I saw the old site was dead as I was going through my bookmarks.
Wanted to see if you were still blogging in "googly eyed" mode over the new chick, or discussing games again..

AND it was GONE!

But, it is here. I will make sure to note it on Twitter...(after I get a Russian Bloc dig in...hehe)

Hope all is well...Take it easy mate!

Bildo said...

I'm sort of thinking I'll do a little of both. Head over heels and all.

I'll be here, occassionally discussing games, movies, music, my comics, and of course my personal life... because that's fun. :)

Thanks for the kind wishes, Edge.