Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Being Sick Sucks... but there are perks!

So I woke up yesterday morning with the sudden realization that my throat felt like Lawrence Olivier had gone all Marathon Man on me over night. Thank god the Nazi didn't touch my teeth. But it turns out there be some drainage and general nasty-ness that no one wants to hear about. So I'll get to the point.

When you're sick, have you ever noticed how nice everyone suddenly becomes? They give you cock-headed sympathy "Awws" and offer you free drinks, cough suppressants, and even the deliciously coveted Wendy's Frosty.

And the cynics say there's no kindness left in the world. I guess it helps when you're nice to people. Being so often leads them to be kind to you when you're in your hour of need. What a concept.

On a side note, wife and I signed and locked in our loan for our 1st home last night. I was unable to get my WoW fix in or even touch my Wii (one day that'll stop sounding sick), but in order to get one step closer to being a homeowner, it was worth it. Tonight I'll more than make up for it with some WoWing in the Outland. If you see a feisty red-haired dwarf hunter named, Begud, sent a tell.

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